What can S-LEC™ do for the automotive market?
Glass fulfils an important function in the automotive market. Laminated glass is required by law in the windshield of a car for passenger safety. In the event of an accident laminated glass ensures that glass splinters remain bonded to the film, helping to prevent possible injury. In addition, S-LEC™ PVB brings new benefits to the automotive industry.

S-LEC™ film is used in the automotive market for a wide variety of reasons, offering:

  • Eco-friendly environmental comfort.
  • Passenger safety.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Protection for skin against UV rays.
  • Protection against break-in.
  • Acoustic protection.
  • IR-protection 
  • What's more S-LEC™ products do not block the radio waves emitted from radios and mobile phones.

S-LEC™ products for the automotive market:

  • Shaded Film has a coloured band at the top of the film and is available in different colours.
  • Sound Acoustic Film offering 40% more acoustic protection than standard PVB.
  • Solar Control Film offering 40% more IR protection than standard PVB.
  • Sound and Solar Film combining the properties of Solar Control Film and Sound Acoustic Film for increased sound and  solar protection.


Sekisui S-LEC™ is number 1 in the automotive market!