This co-extrusion technology simultaneously extrude several layers from a metallic mold to produce a multi-layer PVB film. This technology has enabled Sekisui to produce interlayer films with many new functions including sound control.

This film has an extra layer of sound control which reduces external noise by an additional 40% compared to standard PVB.

Fine-Particle Distribution Technology:
Fine particles and other materials with various functions are mixed into resins used in interlayer films. This technology is vital to achieve enhanced properties and to ensure uniform qualities.

Adhesive Strength Adjustment Technology:
To ensure the safety of laminated products, Sekisui has developed the capability to adjust the amount of adhesion between glass and the PVB. By controlling this reaction, our customers can consistently deliver good products to the market.

A feature that gives S-LEC™ film a quality advantage is high moisture resistance. If the moisture resistance is low, adhesive strength deteriorates in high humidity, and finally the interlayer film delaminates itself from the glass.