S-LEC™ Film is the global leading brand for laminated glass interlayer films in automobiles. Our products fulfill an important function in the automotive market. The S-LEC™ interlayer film is applied in car windshields, side-, back- and roof-glazing, for passenger safety. With its products S-LEC™ brings new benefits to the automotive industry offering eco-friendly environmental comfort, noise reduction, protection against UV-rays, protection against break-in, acoustic protection and InfraRed-protection.

Products for the automotive market

Sound Acoustic Film

SEKISUI S-LEC™ Acoustic Film greatly reduces the sound of the wind and the car-engine, as well as reducing traffic noise and other external sounds. It offers 40% more acoustic protection than standard interlayer film in laminated glass. Noise is a huge pollutant when driving, which makes increased sound reduction a valuable addition to any car.

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Solar Control Film

S-LEC™ Solar Control Film filters out 99% of ultraviolet rays and is 40% better at screening out solar heat energy. While at the same time enabling enough visible light to be transmitted through the film. In hot summer months this means increased passenger comfort and reducing the burden on an overworked air conditioning system.

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Sound and Solar Film

S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film is a multifunctional interlayer film that shields the vehicle cabin from both heat and noise, enhancing passenger comfort levels for a more enjoyable driving experience. It simultaneously offers quietness, high fuel economy and a high level of safety in just one single sheet of film. A revolutionary solution.

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Wedge Film

The S-LEC™ Wedge Film is a world’s first. By combining wedge angle control, multi-layer extrusion and nano-dispersal we have create an HUD-compatible sound and solar film. This unique method of production helped us control the appearance of double images on Head-Up Display while retaining sound insulation and solar-heat reducing.

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Colour Film

S-LEC™ Colour Film is widely used in the automotive market and is available in different colors for privacy glazing design. It offers the same qualities as a clear interlayer film, and can be combined with sound-insulation.

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Shaded Film

S-LEC™ Shaded Film is widely used in the automotive market with a colored band at the top of the film. It offers the same qualities as a clear interlayer film. But to appeal to car design and driver comfort it comes with a choice of colors for the visible band at the top of the windscreen.

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Our strong market position is derived from unique technology and continuously improving products and production processes. That is why the S-LEC™ Film line-up includes such high performance films with advanced functional properties. The SEKISUI S-LEC™ PVB interlayer film technology greatly expands the possibilities of glass and offers a safer and more comfortable automobile experience for the future.


Jalal Tijer
Sales Account Manager

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