Supply Chain Specialist

03 February 2021

For Sekisui S-Lec B.V., Geleen premises, we are looking for a


 Supply Chain Specialist  

As a Supply Chain Specialist, you are responsible for interpreting and analyzing data on the existing supply chain processes so that you can develop proposals for improvements in terms of cost savings, safety and legislation. Coordinating processes in terms of cost savings, safety and legislation is also your responsibility.

This job is done during the day shift.


 Job description 

  • Interpreting and analyzing data from the department
  • Providing and explaining management information
  • Analyzing the forecast figures
  • Compiling new reports and improving existing reports for the Supply Chain Department
  • Optimizing logistics processes, such as stock control, import and export, costs, quality, S&OP
  • Optimizing the collaboration between the supplier, internal departments and the customer.
  • Conducting research and providing insight into the costs, the quality of our product, suppliers, customers, all of which are related to the logistics process.
  • Developing and presenting proposals for improvements to the management

In addition to this, you will also have some operational tasks:

  • Setting up a system to ensure compliance with customs legislation
  • Setting out and following up on weekly/monthly meetings internally and with customs partners
  • Managing and preparing refund applications for import duties
  • Keeping licenses for customs matters up to date
  • Monitoring safety in the logistics process and compliance with legal regulations
  • Identifying unsafe situations and taking action
  • Advising the organization on the transport and storage of goods
  • Implementing improvements in consultation with the EHS engineer
  • Preparing the ADR annual report
  • Acting as the replacement for the supply chain planners in their absence (inbound and outbound).


 Job requirements

  • Higher education level of professional and intellectual ability, preferably having completed a Supply Chain Management study program
  • Experience in supply chain processes in the bulk chemical industry would be an advantage
  • Knowledge of customs legislation and ADR would be an advantage
  • A good command of the English language, both oral and written
  • Excellent Excel skills


 Personal profile

You have excellent analytical skills and like to get to the bottom of things. You are not afraid of presenting your findings at management level. You have good communication skills and enjoy working with other departments. You also feel an affinity with the supply chain.



Employment type

Job type

Floor Melssen HR-officer
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