Soundproofing is becoming more important in today’s communities. As more people work in smaller spaces, privacy is absolutely imperative.
S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic film is designed to dramatically improve the sound insulating performance of glass.

Sound insulation suppresses outside noises and provides a serene environment, even in the the center of urban life. Another benefit is the privacy of your own home. Conversations, babies crying, and pet noises will not disturb your neighbors or passers-by. S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film delivers quiet and comfortable spaces in the hubbub of everyday life.


S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic film is based on patented three-layer-technology, composed of two outside layers of normal PVB for mechanical strength, plus a special core layer that delivers the sound reduction. We were world’s first with this technology and still are leader in sound acoustic interlayer films.

We work closely with glass manufacturers globally to enable a stunning design of glazing in buildings. Where possible, our technical engineers assist customers by finding solutions to increase production line efficiency.

Multi-layer Technology

S-LEC™ Interlayer film expands the possibilities of architectural glass by offering sound insulation, heat insulation, and design performance, while still providing the three basic performances of standard films: safety, security, and UV blocking.

S-LEC™ sound insulation’s success lies in a three-layer extrusion technology: A soundproof layer (core layer) is placed between two conventional interlayer films (outside layers). This method significantly improves sound insulation performance, while maintaining the same basic benefits of S-LEC™ Clear Film (Standard Interlayer).

Laminated glass with S-LEC™ sound insulation interlayer film works best at dampening the 1,000 to 4,000Hz sounds humans hear most. This opens possibilities for more quiet, creative spaces. S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film, with superior dampening performance, reduces glass vibration and blocks outside noise.


Noise control

S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film brings peace and calmness into buildings by significantly reducing noises coming through glazing.


S-LEC™ Interlayer Film laminated glass prevents shattering and holds fragments in place to protect people from further injury.


S-LEC™ Interlayer Film laminated glass improves security protecting against burglary. It defends against forced entry, even when a hammer or glass cutter is involved.


Alexandra Ionescu
Technical Service Engineer

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