Colour Film

S-LEC™ Colour Film is widely used in the automotive market and is available in different colors for privacy glazing design. It offers the same qualities as a clear interlayer film, and can be combined with sound-insulation.


Our automotive interlayer films enhance safety and comfort in the majority of cars around the globe. Our S-LEC™ Colour Film simultaneously adds privacy and design to modern cars in rear side windows, rear windows and roofs.

We work closely with all leading glass and roof system manufacturers. Where possible, our technical engineers assist customers by finding solutions to increase production line efficiency

Multi-layer with privacy colour

The S-LEC™ Colour Film can be combined with a sound-insulating plastic layer. This enables privacy glazing with noise reduction and safety function, creating a comfortable interior environment.

Our coloured interlayer film is widely used in the automotive market, like the 7018 Sound Acoustic Film (7018SAF) which is used for privacy glazing with a unique grey color and best-in-class haze value.

Our film is available in the following colours:

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Bronze

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While adding a privacy function S-LEC™ Colour Film also contributes to a stunning design of modern cars in rear side-windows, rear windows and roof systems.

Noise reduction

S-LEC™ Colour Film with sound-insulation brings peace and calmness to the interior of the car by significantly reducing noises coming through the glass from engine, tires, wind and rain.


Broken glass shatters into pieces, flying in all directions. S-LEC™ PVB Film with high impenetrability, will protect the glass from shattering, saving visibility and preventing shattering to minimize the likelihood of occupant injury.


S-LEC™ Colour Film can be combined with S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film



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