Wedge Film

The S-LEC™ Wedge Film is a world’s first. By combining wedge angle control, multi-layer extrusion and nano-dispersal we have created a HUD-compatible sound and solar film. This unique method of production helped us control the appearance of double images on Head-Up Display while retaining sound insulation and solar-heat reduction.


HUD (Head-Up Display) projects necessary information onto the windshield, greatly improving instantaneous legibility compared to conventional displays behind the steering wheel.

SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. cooperates with partners in automotive and projector technology to continuously improve the brightness of the images, and therefor the safety while driving so you can lead your way.

Unique Multi-layer Technology

With our Wedged angle control PVB we combine technology for Head-Up Displays with sound insulation and solar insulation interlayer film, SEKISUI S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film – W.

In addition we can add a tinted layer which brings the total to 5 layers combined in one PVB interlayer film for smooth handling and optimal end result. Unique in the world of interlayer films.


Instantaneous clarity

Wedge-shaped S-LEC™ Film enables immediate clear performance of Head-Up Display. The appearance of double images, and the so-called ‘ghosting effect’, belong to the past.

Multiple functions

As sole PVB provider we combine technology for Head-Up Displays with noise control and solar insulation into one interlayer film: SEKISUI S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film – W.

Improved safety

Head-Up Display (HUD) systems, combined with laminated glazing with Wedge-shaped S-LEC™ Film, clearly project necessary information onto the windshield and allow the driver to keep focus on the road.





Alfonso Luege Marvan
Technical Service Engineer

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