Responsibility for our environment

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group aims to be a global environmental top runner that contributes to a sustainable society by enabling a continuous growth and co-existence of ecology and economy. As part of that Group, the mission of SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. is to produce the best PVB interlayer film and resin in the most environmental friendly way.

We have made ‘care of the environment’ a part of our managing process. Not only to comply with environmental requests, laws and regulations, but foremost to enhance life cycle thinking from development to end-of-life.

Our starting points

We co-operate with stakeholders and our employees to realize an acceptable performance for protecting the community, the workplace and the environment. Introducing ISO-14001 made us conduce sustainability and improve our Environmental Management System by Plan-Do-Check-Act principles.

Environmental policy

As a SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group company, we advance approaches that contribute to the prevention of global warming, preservation of biological diversity and structuring of a recycling-based society. In order to leave this beautiful earth for our children in the future, we strife for decreasing energy and raw material use along with driving back and re-using waste materials.