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SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. was established in 1996. Because of all the experience we have gained over the years, we now lead the way in glass interlayer technology with excellent production facilities and expert technical teams. Those teams are very important to us. Because to lead the way, we rely on leading technology. And for that, we need future technology leaders. So that we can continue to face the challenges the future will bring us.

Enjoy future challenges

We need ever more people to continuously help us improve products and production processes. Our main driver is being able to face and enjoy the future’s challenges together with business partners. Our technical engineers often assist customers by finding solutions to increase their production line efficiency. Already over 200 employees in the Netherlands help us lead the way in the automotive and architectural industries. Would you like to help us develop the technology for that?


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Polyvinylbutyral, or PVB, is a polymer that is synthesized from polyvinyl alcohol. PVB is mainly processed into transparent, adhesive films that are placed between the layers of laminated glass or safety glass in the windows of cars and buildings. PVB helps to absorb the energy of an impact on the glass as the fragments stick to the PVB layer.
Our S-LEC™ PVB film is laminated between 2 layers of glass. The film is cut to size, pressed and then heated to create one panel of laminated safety glass. This process takes place at specialized glass makers, usually in an automated setup. Our Technical Service Engineers support on site for an optimal end result.
SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. consist out two plants in The Netherlands: In Geleen we produce raw materials that are used for manufacturing PVB interlayer film in Roermond. Other Sekisui companies are also located in the proximity of our Film plant in Roermond: Sekisui Alveo, Sekisui Eslon, Sekisui Jushi, and soon Sekisui Polymatech will join! We all are a part of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group. We operate in different markets with focus on our own products, while making use of the benefit of our global parent company with headquarters in Japan. Our European Sekisui headquarter is based in Dusseldorf, within an hour drive from Roermond.

Learning by doing

Continuous improvement is an important criteria for the success of our glass interlayer technology. The Sekisui philosophy of delivering Service, Speed and product Superiority (3S) are driven by many Kaizen improvement projects. It helps us to build smarter factories and improve product performance. Making SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. a front runner when it comes to creating a learning environment for you to work in.


Guy Heijthuijzen
Director Human Resources & General Affairs

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