Sekisui establishes European Research Center at Brightlands

15 June 2017

SEKISUI S-Lec B.V., the subsidiary of SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. in Japan, with a plant at Chemelot, has announced the establishment of its European Research Center at Brightlands Chemelot Campus at Sittard-Geleen (the Netherlands). Furthermore, SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. is planning to expand its manufacturing capacity at Chemelot Industrial Park at Sittard-Geleen and its site at Roermond (the Netherlands). These investments enable SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. to boost its technology evolution, its product development, and its global business in interlayer film for laminated glass through the fusion of resources from Sekisui and Brightlands. The announcement coincides with the celebration of 20 years of SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. in the Netherlands.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is an international company with 50 years’ experience in the production of PVB interlayer (polyvinyl butyral) S-LECTM Films, and SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. has produced the films in the Netherlands since 1997, mainly for the automotive industry and for architectural use in Europe. The company produces various types of film – for example, clear, colored, and shaded film – all of which have the following characteristics: safety, protection, sound-damping, IR-protection, and good insulation.

With manufacturing capacity at Chemelot Industrial Park and Roermond and with the European Research Center at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, SEKISUI S-Lec B.V can fully benefit from the potential the innovative ecosystem offers. The research will initially focus on new applications for the automobile industry.

SEKISUI S-Lec B.V is planning to invest in additional manufacturing capacity at Chemelot Industrial Park and Roermond to accommodate the expanding global demand for interlayer film for laminated glass.

Yoshio Aoshima President of SEKISUI S-Lec B.V says:
“For twenty years now we have been present in the Netherlands, so we know that we are well positioned at those sites. To develop new products and new markets, we expect important results from our presence at Brightlands. To us the campus is a new environment, where we appreciate the vibrant ambience.”

Bert Kip, CEO Brightlands Chemelot Campus:
“We are pleased that we can welcome another renowned chemical company to our campus. We are convinced that Sekisui will accelerate its automotive innovation projects because the campus is the place to be for companies and knowledge institutes active in the automotive and architecture market value chain, developing new functions and applications based on polymer materials. We not only give access to the network of companies located at the campus, but also to all kinds of organizations and individuals visiting the campus.”

Robert Claasen, Director Chemelot, remarks:
“Our ambition is to develop Chemelot into the most competitive and sustainable chemistry and materials site in Europe by 2025. The Sekisui investment supports this ambition. Therefore, we are looking forward to the expansion.”

Twan Beurskens, Regional Minister of Economic Affairs and Knowledge Infrastructure for the Province of Limburg adds:
“First, the Province of Limburg congratulates Sekisui on its 20th anniversary in the Province of Limburg. We are honored by their contribution to our economy. I am pleased that Sekisui has announced establishment of their new European Research Center at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. This investment will boost the economic development of our province, which has a strong cluster of companies from both the materials sector and the automotive industry. It will add value to the production as well as the R&D chain in Limburg.”

The new Sekisui European Research Center will go into operation in June 2017, which will result in more new workplaces. The production facilities at Chemelot and Roermond are operated by SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. The first line at Chemelot was established in 2006, the second one in 2010.

SEKISUI S-Lec B.V attributes its strong market position to unique technology, high-performance products, and its continuous work on improving its products and production processes. The wishes of the customer and environmental problems are the main drivers. SEKISUI S-Lec B.V is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

The Sekisui plant at Chemelot produces resin, a base material for the PVB film, since 2006, which was previously supplied from Japan. Thanks to its location at Chemelot, the company is making huge savings on transport costs, and exchange-rate risks are a thing of the past.




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